Scrivener with iCloud on multiple devices

So I’m using two Mac’s. Have to as one is legacy system that I need for software development. One stays at home. The home Mac is a 2010 MacBook Pro. The other a smaller 2018 MacBook Pro I take on the road. I’ve decided to use both for my Scrivener projects. So I’ve set up both computers on iCloud Drive with Desktop and Documents folders shared. I’ve chosen a scrivener automatic backups folder in my documents folder. I’m saving my Scrivener projects to another folder also in my Documents folder. So that should synch through iCloud across both computers.

My question is regarding the synching of the Scrivener apps themselves, the apps and the app support documents and plists in my system user library and elsewhere… application preferences and settings and current states etc… are these synched? If not, what do I need to do to keep everything working as expected and stable as I move from and work on shared Scrivener projects MacBook to MacBook?

Again, I’m not talking about the Scrivener projects themselves, I’m talking about the Scrivener applications on each MacBook and sundry Scrivener application support documents and plists and settings populating each computer’s system libraries.

Thanks, Randall Lee Reetz

Project-specific settings and Compile Formats are saved as part of the project and will synchronize as it does.

Scrivener-wide settings are local to each installation. Information about where these files are and how to retrieve them can be found here: Installing on Additional Computers / macOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Please note that we have recently seen an uptick in reports of unreliable iCloud synchronization behavior. As with all such software, we recommend having at least one set of backups that is not stored with the same service as your live projects.

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