Scrivener won't open but task manager says it's running?

Hi there, have been using Scrivener for years just fine. Tried opening it today. The wheel spun as if it were opening, but nothing happened afterwards. I checked to see if my task manager said there was a version running, and there is despite the fact that I don’t see the app at all. I restarted my computer, and nothing. Help?

Edit: To clarify, it isn’t running as an app under my task manager list, but instead as a background process.

Edit2: So I’ve tried running compatibility, did not work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. I was able to finally bring up the actual program, but it won’t run my project.

Have you tried opening a backup copy of the project?

Yup, and it works. I am guessing that there was something wrong with my original file for whatever reason? Somehow it got corrupted? That’s a little disturbing…but I suppose this is why we have backups in the first place.

Where are you saving your projects?