Scrivener won't open, even after reinstall

I am having a technical issue that has truly baffled me. I am working across two computers at the moment (one a mac, the other a pc), and this necessitated a foray into Scrivener’s sync capabilities. To this end, I tried the most obvious route and dumped my entire project folder into Google Drive. After some time I went to close the project and noticed that it did not show me the usual backup screen. Curious, I then tried to open the project again but Scrivener gave me a blank loading screen, which windows claimed was “not responding”. The error code, it told me, was AppHangB1.

I figured that the project file was corrupted and it was having difficulty loading it, so I tried a few different ways to fix this. This includes:

  1. Trying to open a different scrivx project
  2. Deleting the project entirely
  3. Deleting the AppData folder and Temp files
  4. Uninstalling and Reinstalling scrivener completely
  5. Trying to open the Tutorial project instead (via windows explorer)

Attempts 1-4 all resulted in the same blank screen. However after attempt 2 above, I was prompted that the project couldn’t be found and a new, still very blank, window opened.

Now I should clarify that the above has occurred on my Windows machine. In contrast, my mac simply told me that the project file had probably not been closed properly and gave me the option to either save a copy or continue. Note that both of these options result in a functional project.

I have also tried to open scrivener from a different user account on the same machine and this works fine. The problem is therefore something to do with my local profile or user account, but I cannot figure out what.

Any suggestions?

I would just like to update this post by reporting the solution, as suggested by the very helpful Jeff at Literature and Latte.

For some unknown reason (likely not to do with google drive), I needed to set Scrivener to open in comparability mode. I am using Windows 7 and set it to open with compatibility for Windows 7 and somehow this worked–contrary to all logic!

So if anyone else is having this issue, I’d recommend trying that.

Thanks L&L!

Thank you!! Opening it with (right button) “Troubleshoot compatibility” did the trick. The idea of running Scrivener configured for Windows XP does not sound very reasonable to me, but it works. I need it to hold it for a week or two until I can migrate all my stuff to a Mac (totally unrelated migration, of course), where I have more experience and this has never happened :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Hi Everyone,

I had the same issue of the scrivener not responding, this was solved by reinstalling google chrome. That is it no more issues. Please give it a try if you have similar issue, try uninstall and reinstall of other browser as well. Reminder that the rest of suggestion on the form did not help.