Scrivener Won't Open Files

Hey guys,

Could be the most basic of questions here but…

Here are the problems:

  1. Scrivener won’t open any file other than the Scrivener Tutorial File. Path = File > Open
  2. If I cut and paste text into a blank document Scrivener does not insert page breaks - it’s just one long document, so I can’t even use this as a shortcut to get working here.

I had a friend send me a docx file that opens on her version of Scrivener - doesn’t open on mine. R clicking on files doesn’t reveal Scrivener within the list of programs that could open the file.

All my .doc, docx, etc, files are grayed out in Finder. Need to get writing here asap. Please advise.

Potential Clues:

  1. I moved Scrivener from Applications main folder to a sub folder within Applications named Scrivener
  2. I’m using a Finder extension called Xtra Finder


Scrivener can only open Scrivener projects. You’ll need to create a new project (File > New Project…) and then once you have that project open, you can import documents such as your friend’s .docx file into the project using File > Import > Files… and browsing for the file or by simply dragging and dropping the file from Finder into the project binder.

Section 11.1 in the user manual (available from the Help menu or from the Getting Started category in the project templates window) goes over importing documents in more detail.

I posted another question, which you may be alerted to (and then find it isn’t here), but I erased it because I’m going to dig into this more and…see what happens. I don’t want to annoy anyone on this thing, and not doing basic homework is annoyance #1 I imagine.

But I do want to say thank you MM. That’s why I’m here - thank you.