Scrivener Won't Open

I was having some issues with my laptop recently, so I went through and did a pretty thorough cleaning based on a list of things my more technically minded friend sent me, but since then I haven’t been able to run Scrivener at all. It takes 1-2 hours after clicking the icon for it to open, and as soon as it does it goes unresponsive. I uninstalled it, hoping that reinstalling it would solve the problem. I got the trial version installed, but that also immediately goes unresponsive when I open it. It opens within a reasonable amount of time, at least. Does anyone know anyway I can fix this?

My guess would be one of two things… your antivirus may be interfering with the install or use of Scrivener or Scrivener may be attempting to open a project that has gotten corrupted. See the following thread, which will hopefully provide some overview. Details may vary a bit, but the general situation and discussion is likely relevant.

What antivirus software are you using?

Given the general issues you’ve apparently encountered, there’s always the ultimate fallback of reinstalling Windows, and then the apps, and then restoring your work from off-machine backups. Be sure you have off-machine backups of your Scrivener projects (the .scriv folders and contents or the compressed .zip file version of same) before undertaking.

You might directly email Scrivener tech support as discussed here

Hope that is of some assistance.

Thank you for your quick reply, but I ended up combing through the support database and found a solution to another problem that seems to have fixed all of them. Going to the Scrivener properties and setting the compatibility mode to my OS fixed it all