Scrivener, Word AND Endnote

Any general advice on using Scrivener along with Word and Endnote?

More specifically, I have just downloaded Scrivener and imported a draft word chapter which has come complete with endnote references and associated coding. Can the import of the endnote reference material be switched off? If it can is this a good idea?

You cannot remove the XML’ed code that Endnote inserts into Word documents from inside Scrivener. However, you can “unformat” in Word (this is a command inside the Endnote tab in Word) which leaves nothing but text characters and then import into Scrivener.

That said, I consider Scrivener most useful during the project planning and initial writing phase. Some people prefer the later formatting be done outside Scrivener. Depending on how much actual content still needs to be written, the effort of ironing out the import quirks may or may not be worth it.

Hope this helps

Thanks for practical advice and for pin pointing what I suspect is the key issue … how much more writing remains!

Reading other posts I am intriqued by the thought of switching to the Scrivener, Mellel, Bookends trio. But thats really a question for another day and another forum I guess.

Some sort of direct integration of a reference manager (Endnote…) into Scrivener drafts would certainly make the life a lot easier for a lot of people who want to carry out academic writing tasks with Scrivener.

In the meantime I was wondering what kind of workarounds people use if they want to combine Scrivener, Word, and Endnote.

Do you guys simply don’t put any references at all while you are working on your draft? … or do you put in some sort of manual tag that you replace later, once you have moved your project over to Word?

The main trouble certainly occurs if one decides to do some major editing word after the whole project has already been moved into Word, and Endnote references have been put in. Moving back to Scrivener seems to be too much pain at such a stage.



I very much agree with Prion; you may insert EndNote references into a Scrivener text. They take up little room and create a “holding space” for the footnote that will come: {Seed, 2001 #93}. Then when you export to Word, just invoke the Endnote Format command.

As for moving back and forth between Scrivener and Word, I would avoid that. Stay in Scrivener until your editor is raving for copy; then export, format, and send.

Stupid me… I had not realised that I could simply insert EndNote references by dropping them into a Scrivener text. That works just fine for me. I think I can live with a workflow that only uses Word at the very end for formatting and reference processing.

thanks for the hint