Scrivener WordPress integration

I wanted to share a few XSLT scripts which can be used to convert Scrivener files to/from the WordPress XML format.

I’ve used them to successfully:

  • Import hundreds of existing posts from several WordPress blogs into Scrivener
  • Export from Scrivener to WordPress (i.e. publish my posts)

See the Readme.txt file for (somewhat) detailed instructions.

-alec (273 KB)

Nice work!

Thank you!


This is precisely what I need - thanks for creating it!

I’m new to Scrivener so I’m not sure how to use these files :frowning: How do I go about using this with Scrivener?

Thank you so much!

Hi Morgan,

If you already have content in Wordpress, begin by importing that into Scrivener. Otherwise, use the template document in the zip file as your starting point in Scrivener.

If you have a more precise question after reading the readme file, let me know.