Scrivener - WOW!

I must say, this is the best writing software on the market (at least for fiction novels). I was skeptical at first as I have tried many other programs (always falling back to MS Word and other organizational tools :frowning: ). This, far and away, exceeds my expectations. The ability to organize my writing in a logical manner has made a world of difference. The outline tool, Edit Scrivenings, meta-data searching, keywords, synopsis, document notes, etc… All have been indispensable! I can safely say that I will be using this software for years to come.

Keith, all I can say to you is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(Any of you out there who are reluctant to try this program, take the plunge. You will not be sorry).


Thank you! :slight_smile: Glad you like it!

All the best,

I have to concur. I have a partially finished nonfiction book which I started in AppleWorks, then moved over to Pages '06. Well, I figured a good test of Scrivener’s capabilities would be sucking my book into Scrivener and formatting it there. This process took maybe an hour of my time, including finding and converting my annotations. Wow, indeed. There are several other books I hope to finish before I die … and Scrivener will be used to compose & edit all of them!

Vasily Ingogly