Scrivener's SHA-1 Digital Signature may be causing slowdowns loading in Windows 10

When loading Scrivener in Windows 10 while using the built-in Windows Defender suite Scrivener takes a substantial time to load (30+ seconds off an SSD) due to Windows Defender scanning the program’s activity. This may be related to Scrivener’s digital signature using the SHA-1 algorithm that was depreciated by Microsoft on January 1, 2017. Microsoft has advised this can cause problems with, and should be avoided in, Windows 10 but older versions of Windows are affected as well to a lesser extent. This could be flagging Scrivener as “untrusted” for the purpose of receiving additional scrutiny from the AV.

This affects both latest version 1.9.x as well as 3.0-beta.

For what it’s worth Apple enforces similar limitations regarding outdated algorithms for digitally signing Macintosh software as well.

Nice bit of detective work!