Scrivener's stopped opening Writing Tools - e.g.

When I select Tools > Writing Tools > Look up in, Scrivener opens a browser window and attempts to make the connection, then closes the browser window. Same thing happens when I tried opening other writing tools on the list:,,

What browser do you use? I wonder if it may perhaps have updated recently and in some way broken the way that Scrivener expects to be able to call up sites.

I’m using Chrome.

OK. I know nothing about Chrome. Except that it’s from Google, and when anything goes wrong, my motto is “Blame Google First.” :smiley: Hopefully, someone who has more knowledge may chime in here with something useful.

All I know is it worked fine before the latest update.

There was also meant to be a supposed fix for the entire-program-not-opening bug, but no luck with that, either. :frowning:

Since it is working for other people and not for you, we should try and find something on your system that is interfering. As with David, I also don’t use Chrome, but doubt that is the issue. Can you check the Windows default programs to see what is your https default program. Sometimes Microsoft messes with default programs.

When I highlighted the word “controls” and checked thesaurus, this is where I was sent.

So it sends to command “browse/xxx” to a secure
If you don’t highlight, it just sends the browse command.

What happens if you paste these things into your browser? Does it work if you paste them in?