Scrivening Titles

Hi L&L,
Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed prior to this; I could not find it posted. I use Scrivener in Composition Mode, and I tend to override the text color for my tired eyes at night. I also like to play around with customizable colors for things like Scrivening Titles; however, whichever color I may pick doesn’t seem to make a difference while in Composition Mode. Is this because of the text override? Shouldn’t this be a separate control? After all, the titles of the scrivening documents have separate controls in the preferences menu to begin with.

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Hi Michael,

It’s basically a speed thing. Overriding the text colour is potentially slow, but overriding all of the text colour is fairly fast. Doing checks for the text type and changing the colour accordingly is potentially slow and could reduce typing speeds (in older versions of Scrivener we had some problems with typing lag with override text colour turned on, which was solved by using different colouring routines).

I agree that it does seem a little odd, though, so I have put it on my list to revisit this and see if anything can be done.

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I would also like to give this request a bump. I’d appreciate the ability to change scrivening title colour independently of body text in compose mode, but only if, as Keith has mentioned, it doesn’t compromise speed.

Yeah, no way in heck is it worth a type-to-text speed compromise.