Scrivenings and Full Screen

Hi, I am noticing the following odd behavior in 2.0:

If I select more than one file in the binder, the scrivenings mode is automatically selected, which I guess makes sense. I then see the full set of scrivenings in the main text area. If I now click on Full Screen, I am noticing two different behaviors: If the scrivenings were just selected, but I did not click into the text to position the cursor, I will only get a full screen of the first selected document, not the full list of scrivenings. Only if I click into the text first, a click on “full screen” will actually give me a full screen of all the scrivenings.
Is this the ways the full screen function is supposed to behave?

Thanks, and sorry if this is an old question/problem.

This is a known issue. If the focus is in the binder, the documents get loaded into navigation history instead. It’s on the list for refining.

Thanks for the answer!