Scrivenings divider line moves (2.0.3)

I hate to have to report this, but the bug with the divider line jumping around when you switch from single line breaks to the regular divider is back in 2.0.3. It doesn’t persist when you close the Scrivenings session, as used to happen, but it does get messy if you try to edit in the session after this occurs.

  1. Open a Scrivenings session
  2. Open the preference settings and check the box to separate Scrivenings with single line breaks, if not already selected
  3. De-select the box

The divider line is in the wrong place, over top of or above the last line of the document.

The divider line also shifts around when you change the spacing, although it doesn’t disappear like it used to. This occurs even when changing the spacing in a single document of a Scrivenings session, if the last line of the document is selected (and ensuring that the line-break is not included in the selection, although this seems not to be a problem any more in 2.0.3, nice work!).

No console messages for any of it. Build 7783.

Oh, come on! You just ruined my morning, could you have not saved the bad news for a couple of days at least? :slight_smile:

Added to the ruddy 2.0.4 list…

Thanks! :smiley:

All the best,

::hastily:: But I love 2.0.3 and it’s beautiful! all the added features! and other fixed bugs! I played with it all day when I should’ve been doing work and cleaning house. Pretty pretty.

(Wow, your morning, my…uh, morning. I need to go to bed, I have no thought-forming capabilities left. Or scintillating adjectives. But Scrivener’s–so–shiny–!)

Since you’re going to kill me anyway, I’ll add that turning on/off titles while in Scrivenings mode messes up the line, too. :neutral_face:

Try re-downloading - I’ve updated the build to 2.0.3 (7816), and it should fix this. I had to upload a new build anyway because I’d messed up the templates and left my own name and address in all of them, so I fixed this while I was at it. I’ve also pulled it from the App Store submission process and am about to re-submit because of these issues and a minor problem with the Kindle export.

Whoooooooo, fixed! That was fast. You deserve cookies. :slight_smile: (And fame and adulation, etc. etc.)

Thank you!