Scrivenings Navigation

Is there a way to work in scrivenings mode but navigate within the draft while still staying in scrivenings? Meaning, if I have my whole screenplay open in scrivenings and I’m working in Scene A and let’s say I wanna jump to Scene x, but of course if I just click on Scene X it’s gonna open it up by itself in the editor. But is there a way to jump from Scene A to Scene X while still staying in scrivenings? Sorta similar to how one would do in Final Draft? Or is there some sort of workaround that does sort of that?

You can do this by choosing View > Editor > Lock in Place after you load the container in Scrivenings mode. While the editor remains locked, clicking any of the included documents in the binder will scroll the Scrivenings session to that document. This works also when you have linked the split editors and have the outliner or corkboard view in one linked to a Scrivenings session in the other–clicking any of the included documents in the outliner or corkboard will scroll the other editor to that document.

The Lock in Place command can also be toggled with the keyboard shortcut Opt-Cmd-L or by selecting it from the icon menu in the editor header.

Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for.