Scrivenor, honestly is....

… amazing.

I’ve only had it a short while, started writing a new novel on it. Immediately fell in love. Maybe because in my day job I work in IT, and am used to integrated development environment software for coding, so Scrivenor immediately made me feel at home.

Then I had to put that novel to one side to edit a previous one, that I’d written in Word. Only now I have lost Word (computer crash, don’t ask) and so had to edit using LibreOffice. Which is ok… but… once you’ve used Scrivenor you never want to use anything else.

Anyway, old novel edited, I can get on with the new one. I’ll be actually looking forward to editing this one - it’ll be so easy in Scrivenor!

This is all a bit gushy but I just wanted to thank the developers of this product. Honestly I love it. Just downloaded the upgrade.

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Have you been trying out the beta yet, is that what you mean by upgrade?

By the way I moved your post over to feedback; seemed a better place than the general other-software discussion area.

Agreed :slight_smile:

I’m in the editing process of my first novel, but I had been working on it for years when I found Scrivener, and immediately began making much faster progress. My novel splits into multiple threads, with various characters in far off places at the same time, and I was having trouble in the NOVEL (not in my head), keeping it straight, and Scrivener helped immensely with that, being able to drag and drop whole scenes, chapters, etc.

It is helpful in editing, but as a Fantasy writer, it helped me take the world I had envisioned take shape, instead of staying a chaotic mess as it had been before. I hope to never write without it, but even if I one day have to, Scrivener taught me how to organize my thoughts and my writing. Already I once had to go without Scrivener for a while, and I managed to get the nuts and bolts of my drafting process into OneNote, but all I did was created as close of a copy as I could to the the Scrivener binder, organization, and flow. But OneNote is nowhere near as good at syncing or as stable for massive projects as Scrivener.

I love it!

Editing was the reason I first switched to Scrivener. I had just gone through editing a romance novel. Beta reader feedback made me want to revise every scene in the hero’s POV, and I wanted to separate out all those scenes and have them without the heroine’s scenes intermingled so I could keep him consistent. I use WordPerfect as my word processor, and doing that with WP was time-consuming and a bit scary in that I worried about getting those scenes back where they belonged in place of the original ones without making a mess.

Right after I finished those revisions someone posted screen shots of their Scrivener project in a thread at KBoards. I saw those and couldn’t get over how easy it would have been to do those revisions in Scrivener.

Now that I have Scriv, I’ve never had to do those kind of revisions again, but it’s made a lot of other things easier, and I would never go back.

I couldn’t be bothered to import the novel I was editing into Scrivenor and split it up etc. Perhaps I should have. I am loving writing the new one straight into Scriv, with a document per scene etc. I never write in sequence so it suits me down to the ground.

By upgrade I was referring to v which I have just downloaded.