scrivenr3.0 license failed, indicating a network problem.

Click “Enter license“ ,a dialog box pops up:

My operating system is windows10 1909。
I am in China, is it a network problem?

I have used the beta version and have written 400,000 words. The trial version is about to expire, and now I can’t register anymore. I am troubled.

Scrivener 3 for Windows was only released 1 week ago, and the trial period is a full 30 days. So your trial cannot be expiring. You should have something like 22 or 23 days left.

I recommend you contact L&L support directly about your issue, here:


:slight_smile: Thank you, the email has been sent.

Have you tried going through a VPN? Paddle, the licence provider and validator may be blocked by the Chinese firewall.


I was going to suggest VPN as well. I lived in HK and worked in mainland China from time to time. I found some services were inaccessible via mainland China public Internet.

Yes, I used Clashr, a network proxy tool, to access the Internet through the HK router, such as google. What is the URL of the license server? I want to test it.

Further to this, my collaborator in China contacted me saying she couldn’t buy the upgrade, even though she had got the discount code. After a couple more tries it all wen through to the point of entering her bank card details, but she was away from home and, being Chinese doesn’t carry her bank card with her as she does all her payments using WeChat Pay. So she’ll have to try again when she gets home.

But it seems it is working in China, so the network blocking may be more locally-based.