Scriver will no longer post to any windows app (inc Google Chrome browsers)

The subject line says it all really. I write in Scrivener and post to AO3 to share my work, but since a couple of days ago (and not long after a windows update) Scrivener will no longer paste to any other application than itself , except for a maximum of about 200 words. Conversely I can paste from notepad, google docs, word etc /INTO/ Scrivener with no limit.

I have run all the available fixes for Windows clipboard, but nothing makes a difference. It is almost as though it cannot ‘see’ text from Scrivener. Any clues?

Scrivener doesn’t paste anything, so I don’t quite understand.

Just to be clear, do you mean, if you’re in the Scrivener editor and copy (ctrl-C) more than 200 words to the system clipboard, then you go to something called AO3 (or some other apps) and you try to paste (ctrl-V), the other app doesn’t accept or understand the clipboard text you tried to paste?

If so, don’t forget it’s a system clipboard, not a Scrivener clipboard … and the problem started with a Windows update. Scrivener may need an adjustment to the way it copies on Windows, but not the way it pastes.

Make sure you don’t have a pending reboot. Sometimes underlying system files get updated without technically needing a reboot, but existing application instances are still pointing to the old library and things get wonky.