scriverner locked, crashed and it didn't back up for week _ HELP

My laptop locked while in scriverner, then it crashed. I write each day and back up at the end of each day both to icloud and to dropbox. I also back up to my desktop.

When I turned the computer back on, the screen saver was different, but all the files I had moved to folders in the morning were in place, and the piece I wrote in pages was there. When I opened scrivener, which I never close and know that when opened again, I need to go to the back up to load my book, the last saved doc was May 25th. It’s June 3rd. I write every day and have been particularly productive this last week. I looked in both Dropbox and icloud for backups. There, too, the last back up was May 25th.

Is there a new software problem? Or a bug?

Is there a way for me to retrieve the last weeks worth of writing?

Help please.