Scrivner to DTP Workflow

I have a need to have create a white paper with a two column layout. I have the contents in Scrivner and export to RTF, from which i have an elaborate set of formatting as per an MS Word template. Any modifications leads to me re-doing this process.

Would like to know if there is a workflow using Scrivner and a set of tools (which may not include MS Word) to be able to easily export to a Desktop Publishing tools.

Any links or references to this in the forum will be useful.

Thanks in advance

Assuming your Word document is set up as a proper DTP layout, with text boxes flowing into each other etc., you need to create .txt files of each bit of text, and then import them into the text boxes in Word. Depending on how Word’s set up, Word should then apply the styles you’ve set up.

It’s simple enough.

In the binder, select the Scriv documents you want to use, and select File>Export>Files. In the dialogue box that appears, choose a name, select ‘txt’ as the output format, and select where you’re going to save it. Hit Save.

Scrivener creates a folder (called whatever name you chose, where-ever you put it) full of text files.

Now switch to Word and import the text files. I don’t use Word for this kind of stuff as it’s not really a proper DTP application, but the styles you’ve set up in Word will now be applied to the text, I imagine.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input. Will try & let you know.