Scrivn'r Links in Help

And another thing.
The manual doesn’t seem to tell me how to create a plain Scrivener link, without having it be anchored to some existing text. Please God, tell me I’m an idiot and that this subject is covered.

Without selecting any text, right-click in the editor and choose Scrivener Link, then select the item you want to create a link to.

You can also use the main Edit/Scrivener Link menu to add a hyperlink at the cursor position, using the name of the item you’re linking to.

Speaking of Scrivener Links: will there eventually be a way, in the Windows version, to make a “wiki-style” link? Meaning: [[Chapter Title]] will become a Scrivener Link reading Chapter Title? I’m working on a manual now that has quite a bit of “nesting” within the TOC hierarchy. Navigating the “fly-out” menus to make such links becomes a bit tedious.

It’s certainly useful to be able to click an item in the Binder and then press Control+C, at which point the title is in the clipboard. Of course that doesn’t assist in making a Scrivener Link. But what about something like this in a future version: click the item in the Binder, then right-click. A (fantasized) item within the context menu is: “Copy as Scrivener Link”. Then, pasting into your body text immediately afterward would produce a Scrivener Link, without the need to navigate the “fly-out” menus.

Yes, everything that the Mac does is on the Windows to-do list.

To better facilitate the creation of Scrivener Links, we’ll have:

  • [[Wiki Style]] correction which will remove the brackets and replace the text with a link to the item of the same name, or create a new one if necessary. This method works well with the Edit/Complete Document Title menu command.
  • The ability to drag an item into the editor and drop it as a pre-made link with the item’s name as the link text.
  • The ability to select a range of text in the editor and then drop an item on it to link that text to the item without changing the text.
  • A method to copy a binder selection as a link, including entire lists of links.
  • Finally, specifically for ToCs, a special copy command that will generate a formatted list of Scrivener links, including page number codes and indents based on outline level.


Now please forgive me if I congratulate myself ostentatiously for having had the sheer intelligence to buy this program. :slight_smile:


Any hints about when 2.0 for windows will be ready? 'Cause, having read that list, I want it all now. :laughing: