.Scrivx file missing after installing 3.2.2 on Big Sur (MacBook m1)

Dear Sir

just upgraded to m1 and after reinstalling 3.2.2 without any problem on Big Sur 11.1, with m1 macbook air

I found I could see the files on the dropbox (I also have the scrivener iOS) but had problems opening all the previous scrivener files with same error message which I have never encountered before:

pls see screen capture.

I’ve created new scrivener file and it was ok and the macbook could see it but somehow not ‘synced’ to the iOS…

and my scrivener iOS could see and edit the old files without problems (but could not see the new file created on macbook?) likewise new file created by iOS is not seen by the macbook version…

wonder if this is known problem/error and if so what can I do to fix?

many thanks

Are you sure the Dropbox app is running on your Mac, logged in to your account?

Two potentially useful articles:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … g-with-ios

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … os-syncing



I’m reasonably technical savvy

all were syncing and working before I started using the new 3.2.2. on Big Sur

curious if others encountered similar problems and if so wonder if you found any solution?

many thanks

Since this is a new computer, I presume, have you allowed Dropbox sufficient time to fully download everything to your new Mac? If you have a large account and a slow connection, this can take a considerable duration, and until then you will likely not see rapid uploading of new projects to other devices either.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t sound like your Dropbox connection is functioning at full capacity on this new machine. You could probably verify that in more detail by examining the project package contents, and comparing them with the listings you see on the server with the website (or better yet, download the project from the website as a .zip file, unzip and compare it with the supposedly synced copy via Terminal—check out the ‘tree’ utility, it’s great for dumping file system hierarchies into a text file so you can go through line by line).

If Dropbox status says it is fully caught up, but you see a large disparity between what is actually on the disk and the server, then you may need to repair its installation. Resetting the cache is where I’d start—I could see that being a conceivable problem with new systems, if you migrated user folders instead of starting fresh and downloading from scratch.

Oh, one other thing I thought of, if you have access to Dropbox’s so-called “Smart Sync” feature set, maybe you forgot to turn that off with the new installation. This is similar to iCloud’s similarly euphemistically coined “optimise drive space” feature. In both cases the reality is of course that it deletes local content and pretends you actually have everything downloaded when you don’t. It downloads automatically when you try to access the file—but consider the implications of this for a program like Scrivener, where “the file” is actually an entire directory tree. It may be trying to download and it gets parts of it, but it’s probably never going to pull down hundreds or thousands of files in the time it takes for Scrivener to get through its project load checklist.

it was the smart sync

sorted now and both side working (new files created on iOS and Big Sur can be accessed also)

many thanks !

Glad it was a simple fix!