Scroll in one editor, and both move

I have a relatively minor but super annoying bug. Basically, whenever I:

  1. operate in two-editor mode, with the two editors split vertically
  2. try to two-finger scroll (using a magic trackpad on a mac),
  3. the intended editor scrolls, BUT
  4. the other, non-selected editor also scrolls a bit. And when it scrolls, the primary editor does not.

This is annoying mainly because it makes it very hard to scroll in the intended window.

By the way: I assume this has something to do with the fact that this happens largely when I am working on an external monitor. A large external monitor (a 39 inch Seiki 4k tv). Maybe it’s a matter of the app losing track of where my cursor is?

Let me know if I can give any more info!

This is as far as I know an Apple bug that appeared in 10.9 (maybe 10.8, it’s been a while). It seems to be a problem with “inertia”, the bit that makes it so you can swipe quickly and it keeps scrolling as though the content has “mass”. I’ve noticed a correlation between that and random other split views suddenly deciding to scroll as well (usually not as much, and sometimes only after I’ve hit the top/bottom of the view I meant to scroll). I haven’t noticed it in 10.10, but I also have not been using an external monitor with 10.10 as the computer with the screen is still 10.9—so perhaps if that factor is involved, that is why.

I have been experiencing the above mentioned phenomena with inertia scrolling in split screen mode and it is driving me nuts. I’m on OSX El Capitan 10.11.5. Does anyone - please please pretty please - have a solution or workaround for this?

I’m cutting and pasting between drafts for a rewrite (on strict deadline) and this phenomena is really breaking up my workflow. Suggestions?

You could try disabling inertia scrolling in the Accessibility pane:

I don’t know if that will work, but maybe some other option in there will help.

It works!

You just made a whole big happy thing happen for me AmberV. Really appreciate it. Can’t tell you how much more efficient this make the rewrite process I’m in. Now, back to the deadline.

With gratitude.

Whew, glad to hear it. I had no other ideas. :slight_smile: