Scroll window beyond end of text

Hi - first post so I’m on my best behaviour. I have searched for this but it’s not exactly keyword friendly so forgive me if it’s there and I didn’t find it.

Currently when entering text, the window is static until full and even when a scroll bar appears it is limited to scrolling until the end of the text is positioned at the bottom of the window.

This may only be a personal preference, but I am much more comfortable typing with the active line in the middle of the window and some white space below it. Any chance you could relax the boundaries of your windows slightly and allow the last line of text to be scrolled to any position in the window?

Have you tried using “Typewriter Scrolling” mode? You’ll find it in the Format/Options/ sub-menu. This mode keeps the typing line in the middle of the editor (once you have enough text to reach the middle of the screen that is). If you scroll to a new place, click and start typing, the text will jump to the middle of the screen and stay there even after reaching the end of the line—more like a typewriter in fact. :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thank you.