Scrollbar won't hide in Composition View


I’ve set up my Composition view (Scriv 2.1, Lion) to Auto-hide the scrollbar. That seemed to work fine in a new document (see screenshot here:, but when I open old documents (which happen to be stored on another drive), the scrollbar won’t disappear. The settings are identical. I couldn’t find anything on this specific problem in the forums. Is a it a problem related to opening the file from a different drive? Or something else?

Okay, more info:

When I open a pre-existing project and go to Composition View, the preferences as far as color of text and paper are retained, but the saved preferences as to the Composition Backdrop are reverted to “No Backdrop” and the preferences as to the location (Left/Center/Right) and the size (100%/125%, etc.) of the text are not saved. The problem with the non-disappearing scrollbar is resolved once I re-insert the “Composition Backdrop.” But even if I go to “Manage” in Preferences and Load the preset (after having saved it in prior document), it does not adopt these preferences. So, to sum up: Not all of my preferences are being saved in Composition Mode.

Any ideas?

This problem is pretty straightforward after all: Some of the preferences I set in Composition View don’t hold; that is, when I open a new project, I have to re-adjust the Composition View by re-selecting the Composition Backdrop in View, and readjusting the font size (and sometimes the location). This happens even when saved as both a preset “Theme” and a Preference Preset. Is this a bug or a “feature”?

The Backdrop is saved per-project, so that you can have a different backdrop for each if you like, and that you’ll need to set up when you create a new project. The only settings that are saved as a preference Preset are those that appear in the preference settings–so your scroll bar style should be saved, along with the colors set there, and the other options in the top half of the preferences. To make sure the zoom, background fade, typewriter scrolling, and paper position, height, and width is saved, set up a project in composition mode with the settings as you want them and then in preferences choose “Use current composition settings for new projects”. (Font size itself is determined in your project, but if you just mean the zoom used in composition mode, these settings will hold that.)

“Theme” doesn’t save all preferences, just the main appearance ones–mostly colors and related items–so you’ll want to use “Save All Preferences as Preset”.

Thanks, MM–

I think that answers all my questions!