Scrolling both sides in split screen?

Hi! Only started using Scrivener recently so apologies if this is an easy fix.

When I go into split screen mode and scroll up or down on the screen I have selected, the screen I don’t have selected will scroll as well. So, for example, if I have the leftermost of two vertical documents selected and I scroll up on it (with my cursor all the way to the left) it will scroll the left side (as it should) but then the right, unselected side will also start scrolling. Any pointers on how to make this stop? I have a screen recording if that might better explain it.

Sadly, I personally wouldn’t know how to fix your issue.
Up until now, I didn’t know it could even be made to happen.
…And I would sure like to know how, as this could be very useful in many situations, such as in the context of a text translation, to name only one.

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I was about to ask the same: How can I make this start?

@swamp_magic : Probably the OS has its wires crossed-up. I don’t think Scrivener is ever supposed to behave like that.
I don’t know what other app could serve (split window), but perhaps have a look and see if other softwares suddenly behave the same.
Otherwise, since this bothers you, I personally would reboot my computer and see if it fixes it.
Keep us posted. :wink:

in windows cannot reproduce when do split screen, are scroll bars visible in both screens?

Yeah, I tried all combinations of Ctrl+scroll, Shft-scroll, alt, ctrl-alt, ctrl-shft-alt and on and so on that I could think of (both sides of the KB), but nothing does it.
I looked through the menus in case I might have missed it, to no avail either.
I can’t be 100% sure, but I am pretty certain the OP is actually experiencing a fluke. Not something ever intended.
(Although that’d be wish list material, right there.)

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I’ve restarted my computer and it seems to have fixed it … must have been something with the OS

Thanks for your help everyone!

It would have been helpful in some circumstances if it was a consistent scroll, but it was basically random and uncontrollable so I’m glad its gone now, haha

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The video of this behavior was on the Scrivener subreddit:

That looks awfully (un)convenient.

Not really what I had in mind when I said that’d be wish-list material…