Scrolling issue in editor


This didn’t previously happen, but with 2 main editor panels open side by side, when I scroll one with the track pad, the other also scrolls (unless I do it very slowly).

Anyone know how to prevent this, or is it a bug?


This is an old Mac OS X bug (I think from around 10.9 or .8) that has to do with “inertia” scrolling. If you flick the trackpad instead of scrolling with full contact, then it scrolls for you until it gradually slows down, as if there is air friction or something to be concerned with. It mainly appears when one window has two embedded scroll views—maybe in proximity. I’ve never seen it happen with list views on other sides of the window.

It’s annoying, and made more so by the unfortunate fact that there isn’t anything that can be done about it from our end. It is a bug Apple would have to fix. The only workaround I’m aware of is to turn off “inertial” scrolling in the Accessibility system preference pane. I don’t actually recommend doing that however, as you will probably find scrolling with the trackpad unusable without it.

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thanks for the reply. will try and scroll in a less ‘flicky’ way!