Search and replace - apostrophes and quote marks

Can’t get the search and replace to recognise quote marks and apostrophes. I asked Scrivener to search for crows’ feet and replace all examples with crow’s feet, but it didn’t recognise the difference. Likewise, I couldn’t get it to replace " quote marks with '.

That’s surprising. I just tested this, using both smart quotes and straight quotes, and had no problem. I don’t quite know what to suggest, other than trying it again, which I presume you already did.

If you copy one of the
from the the file and paste that into the search box (i.e. do not type crows’ into the search box), can it then find it?

Thanks, this does look like a bug–if you have smart quotes in the text and straight quotes in the Find field of the dialog, you can find and replace each instance individually via Replace & Find, but Replace All does not work. Copying and pasting as Briar Kit suggested to ensure that you have smart quotes in the Find field before running the replacement should allow you to use Replace All. (You’ll probably also want to copy the smart quotes to the Replace field so that you’re replacing in kind rather than with straight, although you can use Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes on selected text later to fix this if necessary.)