Search at top of Scrivener doesn't reveal in binder

Suppose, for example, I type in part of the title of a document that is not currently visible in the binder. It comes up in the search… I click it, and it is highlighted… wherever it is. But I have to scroll up and down to figure out where it is… Is this normal?

This is expected–using the Quick Search or changing the documents in the editor doesn’t disturb the binder, since it’s another workspace. Once you’ve loaded the document from the Quick Search, you can use Opt-Cmd-R (Navigate > Reveal in Binder) to both select the document in the binder and scroll the binder to display it. You can also run a full project search and right-click the document in the results list there to choose Reveal in Binder if you don’t want to disturb the editor, although just using the Backward in Editor History shortcut (Cmd-[) or the button in the editor header may be simpler.