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Would it be possible to put a search bar in the video tutorials section of the site, specifically for searching among these tutorials? I went fishing for a tutorial on compiling for epub and eventually after several pages, gave up. There’s one out in the wild, but since it was put up on YouTube in 2015 it probably isn’t for Scrivener 3.

While these aren’t specific to ePub, we do have a 4-part video series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial video page.

Those videos demonstrate setting up Section Types in the Project Settings area as well as how the different Compile formats can be used and customized.

I see you’re a Mac user, so they’ll demonstrate the tools you’re using.

(As an aside, I tend to recommend that 4-part series even for Scrivener 3 for Windows users. While the settings are slightly different, the general process is similar enough that I think they’re helpful.)

If you’re still not getting your ePub formatted exactly the way you’d like after seeing them, please let us know.


Does an eleven pages description of the process suffice? I know a book that has such a tutorial…

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No, thank you.
My comment was more in relation to the videos - it’s hard to find what you want.

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When people are asking for video tutorials, it’s usually because they are more of a visual learner. You don’t have to flog your book every time a potential topic comes up.

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When you’re on the videos page, you can search for text in it with Ctrl-F or ⌘ F.

I did, but for some reason “compile” and “epub” got me nowhere.

It won’t take long to scroll through the page. (You should be done by now.)