Search by format problems

I’m used to searching for italics in v2 with a lot less trouble. There are more search options, that’s good, but I ran into an issue or two.

⌘G no longer searches again by formatting. Instead, it searches again by whatever text was last entered in ⌘F.

Bug or feature?

As far as I remember, Find Next Formatting never used cmd-g as that has always been the Find Next shortcut (it’s a standard Mac system shortcut – try it in Safari and TextEdit).

The Find by Formatting equivalents were always on cmd-opt-ctl-F and cmd-opt-shift-G as they are now. Perhaps you changed the cmd-G shortcut at some point?

It was definitely like this in Scrivener 2, and I used this feature quite a bit (different find-next for the two search systems is very useful). I rebind the very clunky ⌥⇧⌘G to something a bit easier…

I’m outnumbered, apparently. I’ll probably solve it with a binding.

This hasn’t changed. The keyboard shortcut for this in Scrivener 3 is identical to the keyboard shortcut in Scrivener 2. As brookter says, only Find Next (for text) was bound to Cmd-G. They can’t both be bound to the same thing.

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