Search collection: by icon?

Is there some way to have a search collection filter by the icon of a document? The idea being if I want to see all of the documents in my project that use a certain icon or one of a group of icons. If this is possible, then how?

I’m aware I could setup a custom meta-data field, and make a search collection based on the info I put in that field. I don’t want to need to worry about updating the icon and a custom field. Redundant data storage isn’t what I’m after.

The icon was never meant to be a form of metadata, despite some of them really acting like it (the flags come to mind). If I choose to use an icon to denote a type of thing, then my approach is to create a Section Type for it, as those are metadata and they can be searched for.

If the redundancy is an issue, consider creating a Document Template that bundles both the icon and Type assignment into one thing. That is the approach I typically take.

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