Search - confuzzzed

OK I may well be being incredibly dens but …

So I have characters named Dan and Valentina as keywords.

Some scene have one, some have the other a few have both.

If I search using the the search box top right and specify to search in keyword and in the bottom section specify “All” I get zero results (and I have double checked there are two scenes with both in the keywords).

I should add that the search is marked as case insensitive but have tried just about all combinations.

What am I doing wrong - or is this a bug??

My main job is going to be jumping around in 168 chunks of copy so search is kinda vital. Any thoughts gratefully received.



Can anyone help?

Is this a bug?

TIA Steve

Bug–it should work as you assumed. I’ve notified Lee. In the meanwhile, as a workaround, you could co-opt the document notes for this and just keep a text list of your keywords there for searching purposes. It’s not quite as clean, obviously, unless you’re otherwise not using the notes at all, but it might be better than nothing. For documents you’ve already assigned keywords to, you can select all the keywords in the document, drag them to the bottom of the main text to copy them as a plain text list, then drag that into doc notes and delete the copy in the main text. That gives you a copy in each place, which lets you still use the real keywords for other searches and has them ready for the next update with the fix on this and other keyword features.

You could also use altered keywords in your document notes so that they’re unique–e.g. instead of “Dan” and “Valentina” you could use “KeyDan” and “KeyValentina” so that your search will turn up only the instances of the words intended to be keywords, rather than every time you mention Dan in your notes.

Actually, since you can change the name of a keyword from the HUD and have that updated in all your documents, you could really combine both those. Update your keywords via the HUD to something like “KeyDan” and hit okay to change all the instances in your project. Then do the copy to the notes and work merrily until the keyword search bug is fixed, at which point you can, if you desire, fix the keywords in the HUD back to what they originally were and delete the lists from your notes.

For best results, keep your keywords as a single word, e.g. “KeyCarChase”–that way you can search for the whole unit as a single keyword even when you’re having to search for it mixed in with other text.

Jennifer thanks for that full reply and clarification (BUGGER is all I can say to the original problem as
searching is kinda where I is at at the moment). Still sure I can come up with a work around as you suggested or some similar funky approach.

ATM and thanks