Search custom metadata

Is there a way to restrict search to word(s) in custom metadata?

Three c/m fields, each as lists. For example, Topic, Sub-topic (1), Sub-topic(2)
Under Topic, I have added Dispute Resolution on its own line,
Under Sub-topic (1) I have added Arbitration, Disclosure (on two lines)
Under Sub-topic (2) I have added Disclosure, AGA, Consent (on three lines)

If I remember for example that ‘Disclosure’ is under s/t(2) then it’s simply a matter of using Search in and selecting Sub-topic(2). But if I don’t or, as in practice, Disclosure is also in s/t(1), then how do I use Search to find all and only in one or more of the three c/m fields? Similarly, if i cannot remember whether AGA is in s/t(1) or s/t(2)…

Have you tried Project Search? If you click the tiny down arrow next to the search field, you should be able to select your metadata fields.

Hope this helps!

That’s doesn’t answer my question! I know that I can project search select one c/m and search on its list, but I cannot, at least I don’t think so, select more than one c/m at a time.

Holding down the Option key when clicking on a search area, in that magnifying glass menu, will add that field to the current search. So in this way you could select three different custom metadata fields and search them all collectively.

Thank you AmberV, just what I needed to know.