Search for italics and single quote fails

I did this search:

As you can see, it immediately found a large block of italics. Most of it doesn’t involve any single quotes, however, certainly not the first paragraph. When I search again, it cycles back to the same selection.

But the book has HUNDREDS of passages with italics and single quotes. Here, for instance:

And this:

(I checked, and yes, all that is italics, including the single quotes.)

I wondered if you’re searching only for STRAIGHT single quotes, and sure enough, after going through the first passage TEDIOUSLY, I found a straight single quote … and I found no way to put a smart quote in the search box except hard ways, for instance by copy/pasting it from a text file. That will find only a left or right quote, not both, so that’s not ideal in my opinion.

THEN, when I’ve (a) done a search for a smart quote, (b) backed up to erase it, and © entered a quote from the keyboard again (presumably a straight quote), you still search for the smart quote. How would I switch back to searching for straight quotes?

Is this how you intend these searches to operate?

  1. left smart quotes and right smart quotes are different characters with different UTF-8 codes, so you can’t search for both at the same time unless you want to go into regex.
  2. left smart single quote is Opt-[ right single quote is Shift-Opt-[ (double quotes use ] ) … I hope I’ve got them the right way round!
  3. right single quote and apostrophe are the same character, whether you’re talking of smart or non-smart, so be careful if you ever try ‘Repplace all’.



Yes, and there is a table of them here: