Search for Soft Return

I need to change hundreds of soft returns to hard, and searching for [\r] with RegEx isn’t working.

Here’s a document with many soft returns.

… and here’s the search. No matches.

Find also fails.

I suggest not using Regex, but typing ctrl-return directly into your Edit->Find->Find… search field. To get a regular return into the replace field, type opt-return.

Hope this helps!

A few other things to try:

Copy a soft return from your document and paste it into the Find window.

If that doesn’t work, try doing a regex search for alternate line endings, like \n & \R

rtf line terminator is \n (hex: 5c0a); so find and replace in regex mode should do the trick. (I tested it on a small document.)

A soft return is not \n. That’s a hard return.

ctrl-return gives a hard return, not a soft one.

I said in my post that /R isn’t found … and \n isn’t what I’m looking for.

But yes, copying a soft return from Editor works.

I meant \R, not /R. I had \r in the original post.