search-function again – in fullscreen mode?

I am still testing scrivener for me. It seems, that it is great.

But I have some problems to understand …

I use the fullscreen mode – cool. But I can not use the search-function (can start it with ‘STRG’ + ‘F’) – but it doesn’t work in this mode?
Try to use the option to search keywords – but also this doesn’t work?
Nothing happens?

Keyword search is a form of project search, and as such can’t be used while remaining in full screen mode. Project search scours the entire project for matches and returns the results as a list of documents in the binder’s Search Results collection, and the binder isn’t visible from full screen. The keyword search should be returning you to the regular window, with the search results visible, so that is a bug, but even when working this wouldn’t keep you in full screen mode, if that makes sense.

The regular document search should ideally be available in full screen mode to search the text contents of the documents loaded there, but at the moment this is not possible with the limitations of the mode from the technical aspect. This is on our to-do list for a future overhaul, but in the meanwhile you’ll need to switch back to the regular editor to run a find/replace.

Thank you for the answer.
So, I will waiting for an update (the list of differences between the Mac- and the PC-version is from 2011?!

Any plan for an update for the windows-version? It would be cool.