Search Function:Searching mulitple locations

Can you search through an entire project, folder or multiple text files for a word? When I select one of these, the search button is greyed out and only seems to let me search within a single text file.
Scrivener for Windows Beta 1.3, Windows 7 OS

Use the project search tool, in the toolbar for the application, not the text Find tool. Project search options can be changed by clicking on the little icon in that search field, but the default settings will search the entire project in all text fields for words you type in.

I have to admit, having a separate search function for the project scopes feels unintuitive. One of the Windows text editors that I rely on heavily has a fantastic search/replace tool that will happily let you pick the scope of operations from within the same search dialog – selected text, open file, all files. Microsoft Word does the same sort of thing – you can keep one search dialog open and bounce between all of your open files to run the same search.

To each their own, I guess. The main advantage of the project search tool is that it can support many options that would be unwieldy in a quick text search Find tool. Being able to scrape the entire project file for keywords in selected binder items only, for example, and then saving that search for future use, is considerably more “tonnage” than most would like to be presented with in a simple, “Find ‘Joe’” dialogue.