Search Highlight[BUG LOGGED]

I am running windows xp
have downloaded version 1.9
I did a search and all the results were blacked out although the settings were on yellow I changed to another colour and it came out white set defaults tabs and the search colour returned to black again.
Other wise at the moment all running well Thank You

I’m running Windows Vista, and using Beta 1.9, and I’m having the same issue. The search terms used to be highlighted yellow (prior Betas, including 1.7), but are now completely blacked out, and it refuses to change for me no matter how nicely I ask.

Did you try changing it to something really dark? I can’t test this as I’m not running Windows at the moment, but that worked for me dealing with the same issue for the footnotes background. Sort of a reverse value–the lighter I made the color in the Appearance settings, the darker it actually came up, and vice versa. Didn’t try it for highlight but it sounds like it may be the same problem.