Search highlighter

I don’t know what happened, but search stopped working, specifically, it ‘seems’ to search but it doesn’t highlight any text at all.

Anything I can do to fix this?

Project Search has a number of different fields it can search, but the highlight will only appear when you’re searching for a term in the main text. If you click the magnifying glass in the search bar, have you set the “Search In” option to something other than “All” or “Text”?

Okay, I tested what you said, it is set to all. I also tried searching several different ways, apparently it will not search folders and only text files in the binder now.

Unless you’ve set something like “Search Binder Only” in the limitations at the bottom of the search menu, project search should be going through the whole binder. Could you provide more details on what exactly you’re searching for? For example, is the word “whale” in the folder title, but the folder isn’t coming up in the search results when you search that term? What are all the search settings (e.g. All, Whole Word, search Included & Excluded)?