Search in References

Wish for an option on the Search In drop-down, to search in References. Thanks.

Just curious: Why doesn’t the Search function search in References? I just tried it: To a note titled Neuroscience, I added an Internal Reference to a note titled Albright, Bruce (an author); searched using “Albright”; but the search does not locate the note.What else can I do to search in References? It would be very helpful. Thank you.

Mainly I think the reason is that it’s a bit overkill when for most people the proper solution to the problem is a back-link implementation, so that you can look at the Albright item and see at glance everything that refers to it, quickly navigating to them if necessary from that pane. Back-links are something that will be added in the next major version of the software.

Thanks for the reply. The back-link functionality sounds great. I am looking forward to it, and no doubt, many others are also. When will that release be?

Re the Search in References: Mostly just curious, since you already have the Search function where you can Search in All, Title, Text, Notes, Synopsis, Keywords, Label, Status. Didn’t seem to be over-kill to search also in References; seems to be a logical extension of the interface and simple. And it would have been helpful. So, was just curious.

Looking forward to the back-link. That will be very useful. Thanks.

We haven’t announced anything in regards to the next version, save for elements that we know will be included. We’ll make announcements when things are much, much closer to being done.

The reason why I wonder if it might be overkill in some scenarios is that because of these back-links, you could end up getting cluttered search results instead of focussed results. Imagine if you simply want to quickly locate this “Albright, Bruce” card, so you type that in and get fifty results because it is a heavily referenced resource.

It’s too early in the development process to say what all of this will look like though, so we may find a way to make these annotations more accessible to search in the future.