Search in scrivenings to include document titles

Since titles (document, folder, etc.) are otherwise functional in scrivenings (which is great! I can fix up titles without leaving the editor, i.e. don’t have to mess with the binder) it would be really nice, and consistent too, if searches also covered those titles.

Rationale: there is an empty document in the open scrivening which is otherwise hard to “find” (move the edit point to). Since edit location is not saved within scrivenings one has to find another way to return to a particular place.

But, there’s nothing in an empty document to search for… but it does have a title. I thought I could search for that; alas, no (as of Win v3.1.5.1).

Your workarounds here are Project Search and, particularly, Quick Search.

With Quick Search you can (quickly!) search for documents by name, launch them as Quick Ref panels–so as not to mess up your Scrivenings session–and rename or tweak them any way you like.

I use Quick Search so often these days that I’ve removed it from the toolbar, which makes it free floating–invoke via Ctrl+Win+G.

See manual section 11.5 for more details.


This may or may not help with the current problem you’re trying to solve, but wanted to double-check that you were aware of the ability to navigate within Scrivenings via the binder structure, like so:

@JimRac Nope, that was new to me – thanks!

AFAICT these don’t help if I want to keep a scrivening, i.e. they don’t search within, and if I were to find e.g. a doc in the MS, selecting that title would switch me to the doc and out of the scrivening.

(I use project search all the time for individual documents, the issue in reviewing the MS is position within scrivenenings at Part or Chapter level…)

True. They search the entire project.

Quick Search will only load the document in the editor if you tell Scrivener to do so. But not if you do as I mentioned above and launch the document as a Quick Ref panel. So -

Run a Quick Search and enter partial doc name in the search field. Quick Search will respond with a list of candidates.

Position your cursor over the desired doc and press Shift-Enter. The doc will be opened as a Quick Ref panel, leaving your Scrivenings session untouched.

This is why I use Quick Search so often. It doesn’t mess with the editors.

I don’t know if any of this will help you with your current challenge. I guess it’s down to why you are searching within Scrivenings for a particular document.


Ah, OK, I see what you’re saying now. I don’t mind messing with the editors because I usually want to edit I can go back so easily (so I re-use the other editor frequently). Also, I have never actually used the Quick Ref because… didn’t have a use-case for it :wink:

Could be useful occasionally, but now I’ve tried it, Quick Ref doesn’t seem to remember window position and I have no desire to position the window every time.