Search malfunctions

Hi there,

I’ve been having trouble searching for keywords or phrases for a long time now. This is an inconsistent problem and mainly applies to the “find” menu while composing. I’d be grateful for any help with this!

  • results (sometimes) only come up when they are below the cursor
  • control-G (sometimes) does not bring me to the next result – for example if I am at the last instance (it does not bring me back to the top) or if it is in the notes (it does not go back to the body)
  • I have better luck when I use “Contains” rather than “RegEx,” but I don’t know whether I can have the default be something other than “RegEx.”
  • certain strings (three asterisks in a row, for example) do not come up (using “Contains” helps with this)
  • Find operates differently in certain files (for example, it never returns to the top for searches of my bibliography file)

Thanks in advance.