Search options no longer appear

Hey everyone,

I’m puzzled and a bit embarrassed because I suspect the “solution” is a simple one that I’ve somehow missed (or forgotten) over my years of using Scrivener.

I’m using Scrivener 3.2, running Big Sur. The project search function no longer gives any options. There is no dropdown menu for selecting parameters (see screenshot). What obvious thing am I missing? Or, what non-obvious thing must I do to have it work as it should? Thanks!

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I suspect you are thinking of Project Search, or “Search in Project” as it is labelled in this menu here? If so you don’t even have to use the dropdown menu like that, you can just click the button itself to toggle whether that tool is visible.

Thanks Amber. However, clicking on the button or anything near the Magnifier or Search field gives nothing different than what you see in the screenshot. I’m still puzzled. I expect to see options for Title, Text, Notes, Synopsis, Keywords, etc., but nothing I do gives me those options.

After you choose Project Search, the search box appears above the Binder. It’s got an arrow next to the magnifying glass, which leads to the options.


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As @kewms said, the menu you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the menu bar with the button you’re using. Try either clicking exactly on the magnifying glass, or choosing “Search in project” from the dropdown menu you posted. In either case, the search text box appears above the binder, and has your familiar scope menu inside.

If that doesn’t work as you’d prefer, try customising the toolbar by right clicking on it, and selecting “Customise toolbar”. Drag the little search button out of the toolbar then drag in the larger search text box—now your familiar scope menu will be available in the toolbar. If toolbar space is cramped and you don’t have much use for Quick Search (I don’t :smiley: ) you can drag that out as well.

Does either of those help?
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Thanks everyone.

Boy was THAT frustrating! I was doing exactly as everyone had recommended (and knew from my experience SHOULD have worked) and still had no options. I did get it working properly, though, by removing and then re-adding the search menu in Customize Toolbar, as SilverDragon indicated. I don’t know what the issue was (I did recently migrate to a new computer, so maybe something got corrupted?). But it’s all good now! Thanks again…

Glad it’s sorted!