Search Problem when specifying case

I’ve found a problem with search. I’m trying to find all instances of dark lord, lower case, in my project. I specify all, case sensitve, exact phrase. The search returns several documents, only some of which contain the phrase. They don’t even have it in upper case.

To rule out a potential problem that goes beyond the case you are describing:

  1. Click on the main File menu.
  2. Hold down the Option key, and select the “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” command, which will appear so long as this key is held down.
  3. No need to reload. Try searching again and see if you get better results.

Alright, did all that, but same result. It returns 5 documents.

So part of what you are asking about could potentially be tuned by setting the search setting to “Text” instead of “All”, as that would indeed pick up a reference to ‘dark lord’ in Document Notes, synopsis, titles, keywords, or whatever (pretty much everything except snapshot content).

Otherwise I don’t quite understand where you say the results don’t have it in upper case—isn’t that what you are looking for, lower case examples?

If you manually navigate to an item you know contains the phrase, while the search sidebar is open (try using the Navigate ▸ Go To submenu, and this phrase is not highlighted, if you select it and the spaces around it, and retype it, then run the search again by putting your cursor into the search field and pressing Enter, does it find the document and highlight it?

In a case where that fixes it, undo the typing you did, then select the phrase that isn’t being found and paste that into the search field. This might catch cases where something looks like ‘dark lord’, but is actually dark+[SOMEWEIRDCHARACTER]+lord. I.e. it looks like a space, but isn’t really a space.

Alright, changing it to text changed the behaviour, and it worked properly. My comments on case was around wondering whether it was possibly ignoring the case sensitivity. But I see what my problem was – I had it in the synopsis as well, which I use for outlining. Thanks for clarifying for me, it looks like it’s working correctly.

Got it! Glad it was a simple problem after all. Weird spaces-but-not-really-spaces issues would have been a pain to sort out. :slight_smile:

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