Search/Replace all in entire manuscript

I have a proper name that needs to be replaced throughout my entire manuscript. However, when I search and replace in the application it seems to only handle the chapter on selected on. How do I get the iOS version to replace all items in the entire manuscript? I can do this easily enough in the Mac version by selecting all the text and doing a search on that huge selection, but it doesn’t seem to work on the iOS version in my tests.

If this isn’t a feature on iOS yet, no worries, I can handle it in the Mac version. I was just trying to grok how to do it on the iOS version.

TIA :slight_smile:

So far as I know, there is no way to do this in iOS Scrivener. If it’s any comfort, I’ve never yet seen a multiple-file search/replace app on iOS, and a Scrivener project contains multiple files, so it may not be practical.

Thank you for your reply, Silverdragon.

I figured, as I was working with 3 70K+ novels and I’ve decided to change the name of one of the factions to something less…campy/inside jokey. It wasn’t an issue at all, when I decided on the new name I had only had my iPad with me. I’ve since made changes to all three drafts last night on my Mac.


Daedalus has a multiple file search, but no search/replace.

Scrivener has a multiple file (as in files within a project) search as well. It’s the replace part that seems to be pretty rare.