Search & Replace Question

Hi Amber,
I see where you’ve said a document-wide search and replace feature is planned. I know I’m running the risk of sounding greedy – after all, today we received 1.6 (yippee) – but I’m wondering when that search/replace feature might make its debut. My manuscript is undergoing a change from past tense to present. So far, I’ve substituted a couple hundred words, but with thousands more ahead of me, obviously individual substitution is not the way to go.
If the feature isn’t scheduled for the near future, I may try exporting to Word, doing the search/replace there, and then re-importing. However – I’ve made a lot of format changes, have added back in punctuation, etc. that was missing on original import, and don’t want to lose those edits when I send the manuscript to Word and then bring it back into Scrivener again. Does 1.6 prevent those losses or is there another way you can suggest to handle this that will protect the data?
Many thanks for 1.6 and for your help on this question.