search results to show only 'include in compile'?

Is there a way to get the search results to just show the text files or folders that are ‘include in compile’, without having to use any other search thing like a keyword?

I would like to transfer all the include in compile stuff from various projects into a master project and can not work out how to do this quickly and easily.

Or is there another way that I have not worked out?


Click on the magnifying glass icon in the search tool to change how search works. Toward the bottom of the list, you’ll find a pair of options (enabled by default) to control whether included/excluded items should be considered eligible.

Thanks for replying but not sure if that is the solution or I am doing something wrong?

I would like the text/folders that are included but they dont all have a common keyword or any other searchable phrase, as they are over three different projects and created over many months. Not sure what to search for to find them all?

Oh! I see what you’re trying to get at, I thought you were searching for something else and wished to not see excluded items in the results. In that case we don’t have a method for that quite yet. We’ll have a way to search for “all” with a single asterisk, and this can be useful with some of the options like this. I could search for asterisk then disable the option to search in excluded documents, then set the filter to only work in the Draft folder. I would get a list of everything in the Draft that has Include in Compile checked off.

You could maybe get by with searching for a single space (with “Exact Phrase”), as it’s quite likely that everything will have at least one of those.