Search w/in document

The search thing find documents containing the given string. Is there a way to set the cursor to the next occurrence in the currently open doc?


Sure, it’s just like the Mac in this regard: Project Search gives you a list of documents, then you use Find to jump from one result to the next within the documents. On the iPad you’ll see the Find icon in the top right corner. On an iPhone, there was no space for it, so you have to edit the document first, then use Find.

Ah, that search icon. Thanks for not including “Dummy” as part of your reply. :slight_smile:

Is there a possibility to jump through the searches in the PDFs I have in my research folder? I keep a lot of stuff in there and always have to export a file into GoodReader ore something like that to find specific information (to re-import into my notes). Would be great (and make it really perfect - it is a wonderful piece of software, Keith!)

Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by that? PDFs shouldn’t be doing anything different than text files when it comes to search mechanics.

Well, when I have an PDF in my Scrivener window there is no search icon in the top right over the window (only with scrivener documents). Since I want to find certain passages in my PDF (citations) to copy and paste into my manuscript it would be helpful if I could find them in scrivener. My workaround is to export the PDF into Goodreader, annotate the passages there and export my annotations back to Scrivener.

Oh, I see what you mean, I thought you were searching for PDFs. I don’t think the PDF engine we’re using supports that, but I don’t see anything in my notes about it so I’ll double-check.