Search window idea

I really like the search capabilities built into Scrivener. I use all of them daily.

One thing I have been thinking about could be an idea for Scrivener 4:

The ‘find’ window that appears with Command > F is gigantic. It has a lot of stuff, so that makes sense. But it also obscures the Editor a lot, and this can be a real bother, as it covers the found words on occasion. A user also can’t reduce the size of that window by dragging a corner like an Apple Finder window.

Maybe if this were re-engineered:

If we look at the split screen function in the Editor, maybe we could use that function or split the screen similarly. If you take all the elements of the find window and lay them out more horizontally, then make the window not appear as a floating overlay, but as a split, taking up maybe the bottom 15-20% of the Editor window instead, yet allowing focus on both ‘splits’ at once (which is why this is different than the normal Editor splits) the problem with the find function obscuring the Editor would be a distant memory, and this would be a welcome change to the program.