Searchable Snapshots?

I hope I’m not repeating a question. I tried to search on here and didn’t find anything.

When you do a search in Scrivener, does it search your snapshots? If not, is there a way to search snapshots? (I’m looking for some dialogue I know I wrote. Now, it’s not necessarily even in Scrivener. It could be in a notebook or on a scrap of paper . . . But I can’t find it and it -could- be in a snapshot.)

Thank you.


I’m afraid snapshots aren’t included in the search at the moment, no. I may add this for 2.0, depending on time.

All the best,

I’m using Scrivener for documentary film structuring and scripting - it is fantastically helpful. Essential, even.

Re snapshots: I use snapshots to save a version of dialogue, commentary etc at each stage of an edit’s progression - reflecting the changes as they are whittled down or amended. But is there any way to search snapshots in the new version of Scrivener? If not, could this option be added as a separate, selectable search within the ‘Search In’ options? This would allow one to search and retrieve dialogue/commentary etc. from earlier versions of a script.

It’s nice to use snapshots because it allows one to very quickly compare and re-instate an earlier version of an individual scrivening…

Otherwise, it seems the only option may be to keep a copy of each version of the script in separate folders and search these. It seems the Collections feature will not do the job because although each Collection retains the film’s structure, the scrivenings’ content within every Collection changes to reflect the amendments in the Binder.

All suggestions gratefully welcomed! Thanks!